Roll Off Containers in Fairbanks, AK and Other Services

You'll feel good about doing business with C & R Metal Recycling. We are always friendly and helpful. We make things easy for you. 

You'll be helping the environment and we'll even pay you! Contact Fairbanks, AK’s top professional scrap metal recyclers today.

Some of our roll off containers in Fairbanks, AK

Roll Off Containers

C & R Metal Recycling can provide you with containers for your large recycling projects. Our containers service can make light work of scrap metal for industrial, commercial and residential customers.  In addition, you will be saving on costs and resources, and making money from your scrap. 

  • Roll off containers
  • Scrap metal bins
  • Scrap metal dumpsters
  • Flat beds
  • Mobile car crusher
Cars waiting to be recycled ny our metal recyclers in Fairbanks, AK

We will even pick it up

We provide a professional and timely, pick-up service. Please give us a call to arrange pick up of your recyclable metal.

Note: there is a minimum requirement to use this service. If you only have a small amount of scrap metal, you can bring it directly to our yard and receive immediate payment.

Don't let your unwanted metal objects sit there and rust; trade them for cash!

Professional scrap metal recyclers in Fairbanks, AK

Fair payment

We are professional and reputable scrap metal recyclers in Fairbanks. You can be sure you're always getting a fair deal with C & R Metal Recycling.

We value your scrap metal by its weight and are always in line with industry standards.

If you have old metal objects lying around, gathering dust and forming rust then call C & R Metal Recycling.